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Почтенная публика спрашивает, можно ли отписаться от СУПа.

Update: нельзя.
СУП купил ЖЖ.

Дальнейшее можно не читать.

Я например отписался, как и многие другие.

Делается это следующим способом.

Вот в эту форму
в графе "Problem" печатается запрос следующего содержания:
Dear LJ Support,

I've heard that Russian company "SUP Fabric" intends to provide additional services for those LiveJournal users who prefer to write their blogs in Russian.

My blog is mostly in Russian, but I don't want "SUP Fabric" or any other non-US company anywhere around my blog or having anything to do with it.

Can you please remove my account from any affiliations and pre-selections associated with "SUP Fabric"?

Thank you!

В графу "Problem symmary" печатается "de-SUP-ization".
Графа "Problem Area" оставляется "General".

После чего нажимается кнопка "Submit".
Далее, кажется, требуется еще что-то ввести, непринципиальное.
Кажется, "support category" = "SUP services".

Через день-другой приходит ответ вопрошающий "хорошо ли вы подумали?" и расписывающий СУПовые прелести.
Dear LiveJournal user,

We have received your request to opt out of services provided by our partner for Cyrillic languages, SUP. Before we process your request, we want to make sure you have accurate information about what SUP does, what you may lose and what will change if you opt out.

All LiveJournal data for all users is served and stored in our facilities in the United States and governed by our privacy policy, US law and California privacy law. While this law applies to all data, we do use servers around the world provided by partners (such as Akamai and SUP) to store some common files nearer to users to increase the speed of the service. These represent static content such as userpics, graphics, and style sheets used in LiveJournal design templates. In the case of Cyrillic users in the Eastern hemisphere, some of these files are stored on SUP servers in Russia, and sometimes served from there to Russian visitors to increase the speed of the site. The text of your blog, comments you post and receive, and your user information is not stored on these servers.

So what does it mean to opt out of Cyrillic Language services?

If you opt out, you will no longer receive the advantage of new Russian and other Cyrillic language features that may be launched in the future such as: Russian interface and menus, local language customer support, full-text search within your LiveJournal, private and public counters for your journal, new web-based tools and editors for LJ posts, including Russian spell checking, new LJ functionality developed for SUP users, increased account quotas, mobile portal for LJ access, audio posting at free phone numbers in Russia and CIS countries, payment options available to SUP users (such as Yandex.Money), services offered to LJ users by SUP partners' websites (shops, online media), and single sign-on option throughout SUP websites.

Over the next few months SUP intends to offer new services that may require agreement to additional terms of service. If you choose to opt out of SUP eligibility, you will also not be eligible for these services, such as: personal journal search, visitor tracking, music downloads, photo and video hosting, special offers from local companies, and SMS services.

That said, if you mainly post in Russian, have identified yourself as living in Russia or the former Soviet Union or are located (determined by your IP address) in Russia or the former Soviet Union, and you choose to opt out of SUP eligibility, you will continue to see local advertising in local languages (if you are a Plus account user or are a Basic account user visiting the journal of a Plus user). Additionally, some content will still be served from local servers, as described above.

By opting out of Cyrillic language services you will lose access to any new features created by SUP and you will no longer be notified of new Cyrillic features or be able to avail yourself of local support. Nothing else will change, including your data storage or the law that governs your service, because this has not changed for anyone.

If you still wish to opt out of Cyrillic language services after understanding what you will give up, please respond to this request and let us know. If you do not reply to this request, your account will remain eligible for additional services.

LiveJournal Support Team

На что Вы отвечаете:

Dear Support,

Thanks for your response.

I still do want to opt out my account of any services provided by "SUP".

Thanks for your help in that.

Еще через день-другой приходит подтверждение:
Your account is now no longer eligible to access any extra services provided by our partner SUP. Please understand that you may continue to see static files, such as images and ads, served from a Russian-based IP if the networking would be more efficient for your particular location.

LiveJournal Team

* * *

Параллельно, чтоб всякой дури неповадно было, в файл hosts добавляется строчка localhost

В Firefox-e то же самое можно сделать с помощью adblock.

А также заходим на и вводим там команду:

set opt_exclude_stats 1

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