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Shai Agassi's Better Place is teaming with Renault and Nissan to make electric cars a reality in Israel
In the first program of its type, Israel, two auto companies, and an electric vehicle startup on Jan. 21 announced they will roll out a system for enabling mass use of electric vehicles in Israel. Renault and Nissan NSANY will convert conventional cars to run on electric motors and the startup, Better Place, will sell the cars and operate a network of charging locations and battery replacement stations. The technology and business model face long odds in replacing the gasoline engine. But the project will draw lots of attention, given the hundreds of millions of dollars and high-powered partners behind it.

The partners are expected to begin test operations late this year or early next year, and organizers hope to have tens of thousands of electric cars operating in Israel in 2011. They hope that once the program is running smoothly, the total costs of owning one of these cars will be as much as 50% less than for owning a comparable gasoline-powered car.

Ну, посмотрим что у них выйдет.
Думаю, первому блину полагается быть комом.

Мне также кажется, что в среднесрочной перспективе усовершенствованные гибридные автомобили должны быть успешнее.
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