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Мы уже писали [1, 2, 3], что министр Лавров представляет анекдот воплощённый в быль, но признаться, я не думал, что будет так буквально.
David Miliband four-letter abuse from Russian foreign minister

I have been told of an astonishing telephone conversation between David Miliband and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov in which the Foreign Secretary had to endure a four-letter word tirade.

Mr Miliband spoke to the Russian foreign minister - a veteran not known for diplomatic niceties - to express British unease at events in Georgia. It seems Mr Lavrov didn't like being lectured by young Miliband.

Such was the repeated use of the "F word" according to one insider who has seen the transcript, it was difficult to draft a readable note of the conversation.

Был у России министр "мистер нет", теперь будет "мистер f---".
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