Sergey Oboguev (oboguev) wrote,
Sergey Oboguev

Борат (Саша Коэн), оказывается, тоже не понимает шуток юмора.

По крайней мере, шуток от Владимира Кличко.

The 220lb Klitschko, who at 6ft 6in is three inches taller than Sacha, revealed all about the amazing set-to to Setanta Sports News star Charlotte Jackson.

Klitschko, who now has Ukrainian nationality, told her: «It was hilarious. I told the waiter, ‘Watch, I am going to have some fun with him’.

As he walked past me I turned to face him and said, ‘Hey, I think you are an arsehole for what you said about Kazakhstan’.

Unbelievably, he started to defend himself – but before he could continue I stood up and was towering over him. I said, ‘I have broken people’s necks for less than what you have done’.

He looked frightened – like he had picked a fight with the wrong man. And then I owned up and told him I really think his Borat character is amazing. He looked pretty relieved!»
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