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Following the success of the Apollo Program, von Braun advocated a manned mission to Mars as a focus for NASAs manned space program.[13] Von Braun's proposal used Saturn V boosters to launch nuclear-powered (NERVA) upper stages that would power two six-crew spacecraft on a dual mission in the early 1980s. The proposal was considered by (then president) Richard Nixon but passed over in favor of the Space Shuttle.

нынешние планы NASA:

Another proposal for a joint mission with ESA is based on two spacecraft being sent to Mars, one carrying a six-person crew and the other the expedition's supplies. The mission would take about 440 days to complete with three astronauts visiting the surface of the planet for a period of two months. The entire project would cost $20 billion and Russia would contribute 30% of these funds.[27]

A ground-based biomedical experiment called Mars-500 simulating manned flight to Mars is currently underway in Russia.


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