July 30th, 2001


Изучая историю

Опять попался на глаза FAQ по Голокосту, раскиданный в изрядном количестве копий по интернету. Впервые я его увидел на сервере музея Голокоста (сейчас в процессе перестройки, ничего не найти.)

Некоторые ссылки:





и т.д.

Особенно интересен вопрос № 3: “How many non-Jewish civilians were murdered during World War II?”

Answer: While it is impossible to ascertain the exact number, the recognized figure is approximately 5,000,000. Among the groups which the Nazis and their collaborators murdered and persecuted were: Gypsies, Serbs, Polish intelligentsia, resistance fighters from all the nations, German opponents of Nazism, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, habitual criminals, and the "anti-social," e.g. beggars, vagrants, and hawkers..