December 4th, 2002


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Решил тоже опробовать googlism. Что получилось:

russia is finished
russia is a leading supplier of fodder crops
russia is not selfish enough
russia is still the bogey
russia is miss
russia is a great
russia is horny
russia is its own worst enemy
russia is not to be responsible for us withdrawal from abm treaty
russia is building a democratic society
russia is finally admitted to g8
russia is
russia is a jewish government
russia is a good choise
russia is fighting for us
russia is planning nuclear tests
russia is currently moving
russia is eurasia's keystone economy
russia is market economy
russia is final target of nato
russia is not a market for us goods
russia is a small price to save
russia is dying
russia is power
russia is not over
russia is genuine vodka
russia is attempting to do business ethically
russia is the old protectionism for
russia is using chemical weapons in chechnya
russia is committing war crimes and genocide
russia is the "guardian of christianity"
russia is needed by god?
russia is spase shield
russia is creeping up on you
russia is being robbed
russia is much
russia is mikhail gorbachev
russia is still a bear
russia is finished the unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance
russia is not? by denis dragunsky
russia is a joint venture of harvard and magadan
russia is miss universe
russia is a great country
russia is destroying chechnya
russia is set to destroy poison gas
russia is the world's third worst polluter
russia is ruled

Для сравнения:

ussr is impossible
ussr is alive
ussr is the smallest russificator
ussr is mainly cold winters and dry hot summers
ussr is the council for phd
ussr is treated as one nation in this figure
ussr is the highest judicial organ
ussr is
ussr is a matter of glory
ussr is guarded by all the soviet people
ussr is currently the world
ussr is not a modern nation
ussr is designed to illustrate how the soviet social
ussr is a matter of honor
ussr is exceptional
ussr is no more
ussr is high
ussr is usually the most defensive nation
ussr is an encrypted
ussr is the high degree of mechanization
ussr is 89 including air
ussr is not on par numerically with the democrats
ussr is the first human in space
ussr is cancelled it is replaced by 25 years of hard labor before cancellation
ussr is being treated unfairly
ussr is back
ussr is being strongly put down and has retreated to an underground with "god save the party" as a rallying cry
ussr is a workers' state
ussr is so protective of such a large area potentially rich in oil
ussr is getting more tense
ussr is ratified
ussr is separated from the state
ussr is broken up into about a dozen or so states as ukraine