December 19th, 2002


Всё, приехали.

Вернее, прилетели. Теперь багаж на самолет нужно будет сдавать открытым, без замков.

Как представлю себе раскрытый чемодан с оборудованием на $NN.000 проходящий через руки грузчиков, так своими руками передушил бы талибов.

Верните нам наш американский образ жизни!

* * * member of mine is a cop at the local international airport, and they tell me that I would be amazed at how many theft reports they take on a daily basis.

Remember, if your bag is unlocked, not only can the TSA agents easily open your bags, but so can everyone else. Did you know that airlines perform no criminal background checks on their baggage handlers?

My relative has arrested several baggage handlers that have outstanding arrest warrants for THEFT for God's sake! These are the people handling our luggage behind the scenes!

* * *

From the article: Complaints of pilferage will be handled "on a case-by-case basis" by the airline, the TSA and the airport working together, he said.

Which is the same as saying "The airline and the TSA may assist passengers in completing claim paperwork, but they assume no responsibility or liability. Passengers are advised to purchase sufficient personal belongings insurance to cover any items that might be lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed. All passengers should carry sufficient cash, traveler's cheques, or credit cards to purchase replacements for any lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed baggage."