May 8th, 2007


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The Germans were meticulous in keeping records of every meeting and
conversation. And the Soviets were fortunate in capturing these records from the
Reichstag, the German Foreign Ministry, and many other sources. One such source
was Herbert von Dirksen, the German Ambassador to Britain 1938-1939. Von Dirksen
did a very careless thing for a diplomat in keeping secret documents and records
at home. The Soviet army in 1945 discovered von Dirksen's private papers in his
estate at Groeditsberg in Germany. Among his papers were typed copies of his
messages from London and messages of the German Foreign Ministry, and secret
talks involving Sir Horace Wilson and Robert Hudson and von Dirksen and
Goering's economics advisor Helmuth Wohlthat. Dirksen's papers show that even at
this late hour, the British Government proposed an agreement with Hitler:

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