January 31st, 2008


Вся правда о линуксе: Linux unfit for national security

Open Source Doesn’t Makes Linux More Secure than Windows
The Common Criteria Says Linux Security Problems Can’t be Fixed
NSA Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is not the Solution
Disclosing Operating System Source Code Discloses Secret Hardware Designs

Linux is More Expensive than Proprietary Operating Systems
Linux Increases Development Time and Development Cost
Linux Increases Hardware Costs
Recall and Rework Expenses
Linux Doesn’t Offer the Long Term Support Model Required by Defense Systems
Linux: Too Expensive for Defense Systems

Linux in Defense: An Urgent Threat to National Security
Foreign Intelligence Services Will Compromise Any Defense System that uses Linux
Security Patches Guarantee Insecurity
Our Enemies Will Compromise our Defense Systems if We Use Linux
The Threat to National Security Posed by Using Linux in Defense Systems is Urgent
Linux is Spreading Rapidly through our Defense Systems
We Must Act Now to Stop the Spread of Linux through our Defense Systems
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing


восхождение на Эверест


Найдено по ключевым словам everest corpse (тропа к вершине Эвереста усеяна человеческими телами, восходящие через них практически переступают; в верхнем лагере рядом с палатками также лежат трупы).