April 24th, 2008


проблемы русского понтреотизма

A community has a right to defend its territory and its national integrity against an invader whether his weapon be the sword or foreclosure. In the territories of the Italian Republics the Jews might so far as we see, have bought land and taken to farming had they pleased. But before this they had thoroughly taken to trade. Under the falling Empire they were the great slave-traders, buying captives from barbarian invaders and probably acting as general brokers of spoils at the same time. They entered England in the train of the Norman conqueror. There was, no doubt, a perpetual struggle between their craft and the brute force of the feudal populations. But what moral prerogative has craft over force? Mr. Arnold White tells the Russians that, if they would let Jewish intelligence have free course, Jews would soon fill all high employments and places of power to the exclusion of the natives, who now hold them. Russians are bidden to acquiesce and rather to rejoice in this by philosophers, who would perhaps not relish the cup if it were commended to their own lips. The law of evolution, it is said, prescribes the survival of the fittest. To which the Russian boor may reply, that if his force beats the fine intelligence of the Jew the fittest will survive and the law of evolution will be fulfilled. It was force rather than fine intelligence which decided on the field of Zama that the Latin, not the Semite, should rule the ancient and mould the modern world.

(Goldwin Smith, "Essays on Questions of the Day", 2nd ed. Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1972 (1st ed. 1894), стр. 261)

Увы, лозунг "силы есть, ума не надо", если он вообще когда-либо действовал, принадлежит прошлому.

Где нет ума, там нет и силы.

Всё-таки хорошо жить долго.

Милован Джилас успел написать не только "Новый класс: анализ коммунистической системы" (1957), но и "Падение нового класса: история самоуничтожения коммунизма" (1992).

* * *

Milovan Djilas, "The New Class: An Analysis of the Communist System", 1957

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(оригинал на сербо-хорватском, понятно -- "Пад нове класе : Повест о саморазарању комунизма", первоизд. и переизд. Белград 1992, 1994)

банановая республика

«Бананы подорожали почти вдвое, и это повлияло на рост инфляции. Никто не мог предвидеть такого скачка!» – заявил министр экономики на вчерашнем заседании правительства Украины.

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Кстати, у меня теоретический вопрос по теории голландской болезни.
Когда банановые республики экспортируют бананы, стерилизуют ли они прибыль?