September 15th, 2012


Не перевелись ещё в посольстве РФ в Британии

истинные выпускники дипломатической академии!

WHEN a British grandfather read about the trial of three members of the Russian feminist collective Pussy Riot, he was moved to write to the Russian embassy, expressing his shock at the “senseless prosecution and punishment of its citizens”.

He went on: “I admire their courage and the example that they set, especially for my own two granddaughters, aged 4 and 8.”

One might have expected a stock response from the Russian embassy. Instead the Pussy Riot supporter got sent an unsigned email from the embassy’s press and culture department: “As one can see from your email, you are interested in the creative activities of the group Pussy Riot. Here are two more of them for you to enjoy (please do not show them to your granddaughter, as it might lead to your inclusion in sex offenders register).”

There followed links to two pieces of performance art, not by Pussy Riot but by the art collective Voina, which is affiliated to them. One showed members of Voina entering a museum, stripping off and having a naked orgy. Shocking stuff.

The other showed the group entering a supermarket and choosing a chicken from the fridge before a woman member took off her knickers and pushed most of the dead bird inside her vagina. Really shocking stuff.

The concerned Brit asked if this was a response from the ambassador. The press and culture department sent another vaguely sinister reply: “It is not a response from the ambassador. It’s awareness raising for you to have a better understanding of the situation. Do feel free to see the artistic performances, but as long as there are no children or vulnerable persons around.”

По наводке suhov, у которого же можно найти переложение заметки на русский язык.