Sergey Oboguev (oboguev) wrote,
Sergey Oboguev

Книжка про его кампф

с чуточку святотатственным тезисом:
In the early hours of June 22, 1941 units of the Wehrmacht began to pour into the Soviet Union. They were embarking on an undertaking long planned by Adolf Hitler. Since the 1920s National Socialist doctrine had largely been determined by an intense hatred and hostility towards not only the Jews but also towards Bolshevism. This ideology, Lorna Waddington argues, had been identified by Hitler and his acolytes as the political poison concocted by the Jews in an attempt to impose, as he saw it, their own tyrannical domination across the globe. Hitler's Crusade provides a detailed analysis of this crucial dimension to Hitler's Weltanschauung, exploring the little-known activities of the Antikomintern, as well as offering fresh interpretations and new insights on well-documented events. Hitler's Crusade provides the definitive analysis of Hitler's attitude towards Bolshevism, the destruction of which he was still describing in early 1945 as the raison d'être of the Nazi movement.

Издание в твёрдом переплёте дороговато, но в аккурат к Рождеству обещают выпустить в мягкой обложке.

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