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Рафик неувиновный

Вена. Демонстрация чеченцев у посольства США в поддержку Царнаева.

A protest took place in front of the US Embassy in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday afternoon under a general slogan (see photo) "Real Terrorists Sit in the White House!!! America is a Country of Lie!!!"

An Austrian state news agency АРА reported on the story in an article "Activists demonstrate in Vienna in support for Tsarnaevs (Aktivisten demonstrieren in Wien für Tsarnaev)":

"On Thursday afternoon, at around 4:00 pm, a demonstration was held in Vienna to show solidarity with the two brothers who allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon.

"Muslims always hold together, no matter what happens! And that makes us special people! We all know that the two Chechens are innocent!", shouted the organizers.

A popular Austrian paper, Östereich, writes:

"Answering questions posed by journalists, the protesters said:

"The Americans want to shift their own crime on innocent Chechens. They are doing that because they wage wars against Islam in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Now, it's the turn of Chechnya. The evidence has been falsified. The brothers have no relation to the bombings. America attacked them because they are Muslims."

A similar protest was held in Hamburg, Germany, also on Thursday.

. . . . .

Most of those present were of Chechen descent. However, Syrians, Albanians or Bosnians were among the rally participants. Long women and men were separated from each other, before they came together in front of the embassy and "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) called. On the only banner that read: "The terrorists were sitting in the White House The Land of permanent lie:.. U.S."

Why should the U.S. want to attach two innocents such a thing? "The Americans are waging a war against Islam in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria... Apparently were now the turn of the Chechens," said one protester, who declined to reveal his name.

Although many participants came independently, many said strikingly - sometimes literally - the same. "The evidence is forged, the brothers have nothing to emulate the thing America has it in for the Muslims," ​​it said about.

Между тем, американское правительство сообщило, что после взрывов в Бостоне Царнаевы с семью подготовленными бомбами направлялись в Нью-Йорк, чтобы устроить взрывы на Таймс-сквер.
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