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еще один фотошоп?

Британские журналисты не смогли подтвердить подлинность фотографий, на которых запечатлена установка «Бук-M1», которая теоретически могла сбить малазийский «Боинг» на Донбассе. Как пишет The Independent, жители Тореза на улицах города эту установку не видели.

"Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash: Was a Russian-made missile really parked in this quiet square?"

It is a photograph that could play a crucial role in proving the deadliest of deeds. Or else it could be dismissed as a fake, nothing more than crude propaganda.

[...] on Tuesday, when The Independent visited the site where the image was taken and showed it to local people, they claimed they had seen no such missile truck and dismissed the image as hoax.

“I saw this picture on the internet. But there was no such vehicle parked here,” said Svetlana Eivashenko, a 50-year woman.

The photograph released by Ukrainian intelligence appears to have been taken from somewhere on the forecourt of the Pit Stop Market and petrol station, located close to the junction of Gagarin and 50th Anniversary of the USSR streets in central Torez. The staff at the petrol station said none of them had been on duty last Thursday. A woman who gave her name as Diana and who worked in a toy shop called Briefcase, said he had been at work last Thursday and had seen nothing, even when she stepped out for a cigarette break. “I did not see that, for sure,” she said.

The Independent had been helped to the location by a Russian-speaking American citizen journalist, Aric Toler... The Independent spent around 90 minutes at the location in Torez, at times drawing a number of animated locals who looked at the image and shook their heads.

Напомню, что ранее циркулированная картинка "пуска бука из-под Тореза" оказалась фотошопом в самом буквальном смысле слова.
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