Sergey Oboguev (oboguev) wrote,
Sergey Oboguev

QUESTION: So you – so that means the intent of these sanctions is to, using your words, tank the Russian economy?

MS. HARF: The purpose of these sanctions is to put enough pressure on the Russian Government that eventually President Putin will change his calculation. But if he doesn’t, he is going to face a situation where the people of his country who’ve worked so hard to be part of the international community won’t be. And he can face those consequences.

QUESTION: Because you – because your sanctions have affected them?

MS. HARF: Have very negatively affected the Russian economy, which will affect them.

QUESTION: So in fact, you’re saying that the goal here is to make it painful on the Russian people?

QUESTION: Is the goal right now then to drive the Russian economy into recession?

QUESTION: How is that not an economic war? How is that not a new East-West conflict?

QUESTION: Okay, so you’re not just in a – you’re not just at war with – an economic war with Russia; you’re also in an economic war with Iran, with North Korea, with all these countries --

QUESTION: did you see the tweet of the member of parliament that said that President Obama is sparking a new – is going to be the president that goes down in history as starting a new cold war?

QUESTION: -- if you’re taking it on the totality, okay, you have these sanctions, you have these other measures that you’ve kicked Russia out of the G-8 for now, you’ve stopped a lot – most of the political cooperation at NATO, you --

MS. HARF: Well --

QUESTION: Let me finish. You put this violation that – you slapped them with a violation for their arms treaty. I mean, you can see from the Russian point of view that you are interested in kind of fueling a renewal of the Cold War where it’s like --

MS. HARF: Not at all.

QUESTION: -- the world against Russia.

MS. HARF: No, not at all. And look, first, it’s not just about us; it’s about the EU, it’s about the rest of the world standing up and saying --

QUESTION: I mean not just you, but that there is a new cold war in effect.
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