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Аресты в Турции

Originally posted by el_murid at Аресты в Турции

Турция, понимая, что соглашения с Россией, подрывающие стратегию США на разрыв России и Европы, вызовут повторение попытки государственного переворота с использованием "цветных технологий", в воскресенье превентивно провела задержания среди журналистов, обслуживающих интересы так называемых "параллельных структур", под которыми в Турции понимают структуры "Хизмета" - сети Фетхулаха Гюлена. Именно эти структуры были задействованы в запуске волнений на площади Таксим в прошлом году.

Удар по журналистам не имеет никакого отношения к борьбе со свободой слова - "цветные технологии" используют СМИ как мобилизационный ресурс в развязывании госпереворотов и войн. Собственно, ликвидация враждебных медийных ресурсов - это и есть видимые признаки реальной борьбы государства с попытками переворота. Свобода слова несовместима с агентурной деятельностью.

Предсказуемо Соединенные Штаты выразили озабоченность действиями турецких властей. Никому не нравится, когда их планы встречают отпор. Особенно там, где эти планы уязвимы. С другой стороны, Эрдоган просто вынужден учитывать вероятность попыток государственного переворота, так как проводит самостоятельную политику, учитывающую интересы собственной страны. В современном мире одного этого достаточно, чтобы вызвать неудовольствие Соединенных Штатов.

> Свобода слова несовместима с агентурной деятельностью.

Почему же несовместима?
Совместима, если зарегистрироваться как иностранный агент.

Что-то, конечно, также и нельзя:

Communist Control Act of 1954
Signed into law by president Dwight Eisenhower on 24 August 1954

U.S. Statutes at Large, Public Law 637, Chp. 886, p. 775-780


To outlaw the Communist Party, to prohibit members of Communist organizations from serving in certain representative capacities, and for other purposes.

Findings of Fact

Sec. 2. The Congress hereby finds and declares that the Communist Party of the United States, although purportedly a political party, is in fact an instrumentality of a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. Unlike political parties, which evolve their policies and programs through public means, by the reconciliation of a wide variety of individual views, and submit those policies and programs to the electorate at large for approval or disapproval, the policies and programs of the Communist Party are secretly prescribed for it by the foreign leaders of the world Communist movement. [...] Unlike political parties, the Communist Party acknowledges no constitutional or statutory limitations upon its conduct or upon that of its members. The Communist Party is relatively small numerically, and gives scant indication of capacity ever to attain its ends by lawful political means. The peril inherent in its operation arises not from its numbers, but from its failure to acknowledge any limitation as to the nature of its activities, and its dedication to the proposition that the present constitutional Government of the United States ultimately must be brought to ruin by any available means, including resort to force and violence. Holding that doctrine, its role as the agency of a hostile foreign power renders its existence a clear present and continuing danger to the security of the United States. It is the means whereby individuals are seduced into the service of the world Communist movement, trained to do its bidding, and directed and controlled in the conspiratorial performance of their revolutionary services. Therefore, the Communist Party should be outlawed.


Sec. 5. In determining membership or participation in the Communist Party or any other organization defined in this Act, or knowledge of the purpose or objective of such party or organization, the jury, under instructions from the court, shall consider evidence, if presented, as to whether the accused person:
(1) Has been listed to his knowledge as a member in any book or any of the lists, records, correspondence, or any other document of the organization;
(2) Has made financial contribution to the organization in dues, assessments, loans, or in any other form;
(3) Has made himself subject to the discipline of the organization in any form whatsoever;
(4) Has executed orders, plans, or directives of any kind of the organization;
(5) Has acted as an agent, courier, messenger, correspondent, organizer, or in any other capacity in behalf of the organization;
(6) Has conferred with officers or other members of the organization in behalf of any plan or enterprise of the organization;
(7) Has been accepted to his knowledge as an officer or member of the organization or as one to be called upon for services by other officers or members of the organization;
(8) Has written, spoken or in any other way communicated by signal, semaphore, sign, or in any other form of communication orders, directives, or plans of the organization;
(9) Has prepared documents, pamphlets, leaflets, books, or any other type of publication in behalf of the objectives and purposes of the organization;
(10) Has mailed, shipped, circulated, distributed, delivered, or in any other way sent or delivered to others material or propaganda of any kind in behalf of the organization;
(11) Has advised, counseled or in any other way imparted information, suggestions, recommendations to officers or members of the organization or to anyone else in behalf of the objectives of the organization;
(12) Has indicated by word, action, conduct, writing or in any other way a willingness to carry out in any manner and to any degree the plans, designs, objectives, or purposes of the organization;
(13) Has in any other way participated in the activities, planning, actions, objectives, or purposes of the organization;
(14) The enumeration of the above subjects of evidence on membership or participation in the Communist Party or any other organization as above defined, shall not limit the inquiry into and consideration of any other subject of evidence on membership and participation as herein stated.

* * *

Subversive Activities Control Act


Sec. 4. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to combine, conspire, or agree, with any other person to perform any act which would substantially contribute to the establishment within the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, as defined in paragraph (15) of section 3 of this title, the direction and control of which is to be vested in, or exercised by or under the domination or control of, any foreign government, foreign organization, or foreign individual


Employment of Members of Communist Organizations


Denial of Passports to Members of Communist Organizations


Registration and Annual Reports of Communist Organizations


Registration of Members of Communist-Action Organizations


Sec. 10. It shall be unlawful for any organization which is registered under section 7, or for any organization with respect to which there is in effect a final order of the Board requiring it to register under section 7, or for any person acting for or on behalf of any such organization-
(1) to transmit or cause to be transmitted, through the United States mails or by any means or instrumentality of interstate or foreign commerce, any publication which is intended to be, or which it is reasonable to believe is intended to be, circulated or disseminated among two or more persons, unless such publication, and any envelope, wrapper, or other container in which it is mailed or otherwise circulated or transmitted, bears the following, printed in such manner as may be provided in regulations prescribed by the Attorney General, with the name of the organization appearing in lieu of the blank: ''Disseminated by ____________, a Communist organization''; or
(2) to broadcast or cause to be broadcast any matter over any radio or television station in the United States, unless such matter is preceded by the following statement, with the name of the organization being stated in place of the blank: ''The following program is sponsored by ____________, a Communist organization''.


Subversive Activities Control Board




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