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Они о себе:

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"Поскольку выборов пока не предвидится - будем давать бабло на борьбу с промышленностью экологию и антиармейскую деятельность"
Armenia’s decision to join the Eurasian Customs Union marks a setback for Armenia’s democratic ambitions. With no national elections until 2017, civic activists focused on local elections and issues of social concern including environmental conservation and civic control over the military. The Endowment expanded the number of programs in Armenia in 2014, focusing support on these initiatives, including Ecological Right’s efforts to bring accountability to development projects, and Journalist Club Asparez’s contributions to the “Army in Reality” transparency initiative.

Вполне кстати, откровеннько излагают "основные направления подрывной работы"
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