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Pauillac Pontet-Canet

In the red department, I liked Pauillac Pontet-Canet. I did not try their top vintage (2009-2010, RP 100, JS100, but $280-300 -- too expensive for a single casual drinker), but I tried a cheaper vintage (2006), and it was nice. It is interesting how its taste texture is structured as fine and tight "sandicles" of taste, intense but at the same time delicate and non-aggressive.

2005 St-Emilion Monbousquet

Если верно помню, в ~ 2009 году это вино было интенсивно-фиалочным.
Увы, за прошедшие годы фиалки увяли.

Bandol reds.

I also tried and like some Bandol reds. Usually I'd associate Bandol with roses, but I tried few Bandol reds and liked them. They are bright vines, with bouquet may be not as refined as good St Emilions (that I have a soft spot for), but they are very intense and "sun-filled" and manage to be a kind of a young wine that at the same time is on a full-bodied side too (the case of eating one's cake and having it). Not all red Bandols I tried were good, but may be about a half of them, for example

2011 Château Jean-Pierre Gaussen "Cuvée Longue Garde" Bandol
2009 Domaine Bunan "Moulin des Costes" Bandol

2011 Chateau Margui Coteaux Varois Rouge (Titien de Margui)
Вино "от Тьерри":
So you like red Bandol. We have a house in Provence, and after several years of researching the better producers around where we live (not near Bandol), this is my favourite for red :  The web site is not current. The owners have pleanty of money, have a very small vineyard, and don’t really need to make a profit. It helps to make a good wine when you don’t have to be profitable. T.
Хорошее, но одностороннее on the palate.

2011 Domaine Tempier Bandol
Не особенно структурированное, но подкупает своей насыщенностью в одновременном сочетании с молодостью.

2013 Francoise & Denis Clair, Santentay 1er Cru (Close des Mouches)

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