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В пятницу заглянув на форум BBC, не удержался от того чтобы оставить там сообщение невинного совершенно содержания (в основном краткий пересказ свидетельств Зобуха).

Сообщение не пропустили.

* * *

Imran from Bangalore, India writes:

"Its a sad ending which I don't even think the rebels wanted. Putin has once again shown that he has no respect for human life, be it innocent children or whatever. I see no reason as to why the building was stormed."

First of all, it's worth getting one's language right. Let's call murderers MURDERERS, not REBELS.

Second, it is certainly "Putin" or perhaps “rutheless Russians”, including those schoolchildren in Beslan, babies and pregnant women in Budyonovsk and 400.000 Russian and other non-Chechens who have been slaughtered, turned to slavery and purged out of Chechnya during 90s, who do not have "respect for human life", how can it be otherwise?

* * *

Anyway, an acquaintance of mine, a TV journalist, has been in the monitor room of NTV company monitoring live raw continuous footage from cameras (not an edited version released for public).

Here is one of his messages, I'll translate an excerpt for the convenience:

"I saw the assault from the very first minute in the raw footage that was not broadcasted to the public.

I heard [the screams of] doctors which were trying to lead the children out.

I know absolutely and for certain that assault was unplanned, spontaneous and unprepared and started AFTER heroes of Chechen resistance started killing the children; and when children started to run, they were shooting in their backs trying to kill as much as possible so children won't escape alive. 70% of firearm wounds on the children are in the backs.

Because heroes of Chechen resistance came to Beslan not to fight for their Chechen motherland -- which they do not have, moreover half of them were professional hirelings, -- but to kill children, intentionally and purposefully."

It is well-known by now from various other sources as well that assault had to be undertaken on spot, by special-purpose troops that were blocking the building perimeter and were not positioned for synchronized and planned assault. Again, assault has to be undertaken spontaneously because murderers (though you may call then "political opponents of Putin" if that is more to your liking and internal comfort, or in accord with your political outlook) started SHOOTING THE CHILDREN.

В связи с чем еще раз приходит на ум, что Закаев и Березовский, вряд ли непричастные к убийствам в Беслане, находятся под спецзащитой правительства ее величества.

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