Sergey Oboguev (oboguev) wrote,
Sergey Oboguev

Чует мое сердце, что ПАСЕ распорядится запретить русский язык. Или как минимум поручит его реформу проверенным правозащитникам.

Как сексистский.

Ну и вообще, конечно, как язык ненависти

* * *

Tore Nesset, "Ideology in Inflection? Sexism in a Russian Declensional Class"

Russian nouns are inflected according to one of three declensional classes. [...] This schema also encompasses subcategory (a) since from the point of view of men, women are the "other" or "second" sex. Given that the general schema invokes the Idealized Cognitive Model of women as the second sex, the Russian a-declension reflects sexist ideologies.

Cognitive linguistics seems particularly well suited for an analysis of the Russian a-declension. Without cognitive linguistics' emphasis on cultural grounding and radial category structure, it is even hard to see how one would [...] capture the relationship between the Russian a-declension and sexist myths about women.
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