Sergey Oboguev (oboguev) wrote,
Sergey Oboguev

Все, чем для прихоти обильной
Торгует Лондон щепетильный
И по Балтическим волнам
За лес и сало возит нам...

Q: Ahmed Zakaev, the vice-president of the Chechnya’s exile government, is welcomed in Britain not as a close friend but as a close relative of Her Majesty.

Everything is at his disposal, he is welcomed by the parliamentarians, and suggested…

Could you let me know, what the hell is that Zakaev? Just one of the international gang of drug traffickers and terrorists, whom we combat so fervently. Tell me why should I watch this masquerade? Haven’t some big men from London got crazy? Didn’t they forget what happened in New-York?

A: Zakaev will be made welcome as long as he can be used by London politicians. The day he won't be needed anymore, he'll become a criminal and everybody will want to punish him for crimes against humanity.
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